Guest Speaker Bios

Dr. Don Patton

Dr. Patton has worked as a Geologist in the US, Canada, Australia, England,

Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Jordan, Israel, Turkey. He has participated in dinosaur

excavations in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Canada and Bolivia. He

excavated the longest consecutive dinosaur trail on the American continent.


Dr. Patton has worked as an Archeologist in the US, Mexico, Peru, France, Italy,

Jordan, Cambodia and Turkey. In Israel, he served as an Area Supervisor of the City of David Excavations (2006), participated in the excavation of the Pool of Siloam (2004-08), participated in the Altar of Joshua excavations at Mt. Ebal in Samaria (2006) and was Geological Consultant at the Qumran Plateau excavation under Dr. Randall Price (2007-2008). He has climbed Mt. Ararat seven times in six years (2008-2013) investigating reported sightings of Noah’s ark.


Dr. Patton speaks and debates at universities and science conventions around the world. He serves as evangelist for the Hot Springs church of Christ, Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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Dr. Michael Girouard

Dr. Girouard is originally from Louisiana and now resides in North Carolina where he has franchised several weight loss clinics.  He earned a BS in Chemistry from Southeastern Louisiana University with minors in Mathematics and Physics. He then went on to LSU Medical School Shreveport.  He has dedicated over 30 years of his professional life  treating and researching better approaches to weight management and holds a patent  for a group of obesity drugs.  His keen mind generated  a personal search to satisfy questions on the origin of life and the reality of the God of the Bible. His quest for truth now overflows with great enthusiasm.  He is a valuable source of evidence for faith as he shares his scientific approach to why he has placed his trust in Christ.


Dr. Michael Sprague

Dr. Michael Sprague, as the President of Grace Adventures and Louisiana State Chaplain with the Capitol Commission, reaches out to political, business and spiritual leaders in Louisiana, Washington, D.C. and beyond. Michael delights in helping leaders think through the “Big Questions” and win at life.  He spends much of his time with legislators, lobbyists, and staffers in a non-political, non-partisan, pastoral/chaplain role helping leaders take a next step in their faith and get to know the real Jesus of the Scriptures.

Days are filled with Bible studies, prayer, listening and caring, appointments, community/church/retreat speaking engagements and many surprises.  Michael served as Senior Pastor of a church that was at ground zero in Hurricane Katrina and helped start a Crisis Response work that has morphed into a National and International relief work, serving at disaster sites around the globe. Michael has written the book DISASTER, which exhorts living to the hilt a God-sized Adventure in every storm. His motto is “Betting the Farm on God”. Michael and Donna Sprague reside in Mandeville, Louisiana.


Find about more about Dr. Sprague and additional material at Grace Adventures.


Sid Galloway, M. Div.

After earning a BS degree from LSU, Sid began his lifelong dream - working as a zookeeper with elephants, lions, tigers, and bears - pursuing a career in evolutionary animal behavior. Yet a curiosity about the big questions of life and suffering in the world continued to consume his heart.  This led to a search through philosophy, psychology, science, and various world religions to find rational answers. Overwhelming evidence led to the logical conclusion that our Creator has revealed Himself throughout history as the Good Shepherd recorded in the Bible - predicted and manifested through the incarnate person of Jesus the Messiah.  With this new life and worldview, Sid returned to school, earning a M.Div. degree in family counseling and has served as a counselor and seminar speaker for 30 years.  For the past decade he has taught biological sciences at a college-prep high school.  He and his wife Linda have six children.  Their family outreach, GOOD SHEPHERD INITIATIVE, is an animal-assisted apologetic internet resource, utilizing numerous exotic creatures and his service dog Scotty.


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Dr. Vernon Palmisano

Dr vern palmisano has been a board certified family doctor 25 years now.  He is married to wife Judie and has three children.  He has spoken 30 times a year for the last 5 years nationwide on the historical , scientific and medical evidence for the Christian faith. He has appeared as a guest on LeSEA Broadcasting's Harvest Show.  He has also spoken many times to the Christian legal society and the Oilfield Christian fellowship as well as countless churches, schools and organizations.  His two main interests are the resurrection and the birth of Christ. 


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